Kim Baglieri is a painter and video and filmmaker based in Brooklyn/ Lenapehoking. Baglieri frequently draws from her queer experience and her Waray (Filipinx) and Armenian ancestries to investigate the body, ancestral technologies, queer and feminist oral histories and nature's intelligences. Her film and video work is documentary-adjacent, combining oral history with imagination to reconstruct otherwise buried perspectives. In her paintings and works on paper she uses repetition of shape to evoke inner and hidden mystical realms. Familiar animal shapes and symbols allude to the struggles and joys of human experience, human relationship with diverse species, our own bodies, the cosmos, and the material and natural world.


Kim has a BA from Bard College and an MFA from Hunter College Integrated Media Arts. Kim is also a Reiki 2 practitioner and an arts educator who works with NYC public elementary school children through Studio in a School Association.