Reiki Through Kim

I provide sliding-scale Reiki healing sessions. I am certified as a Reiki II practitioner under the Usui Reiki tradition, coming from Japan, under the guidance of Carla Statenberg. In a Reiki session, I will use a light touch or, if you prefer, a hands-off method to direct Reiki energy to you. The Reiki energy goes where it needs to in your body's system. Reiki promotes balance in your system, creates a container for rest and soothes away the stress that lowers the body's immune response. To learn more about Reiki, International House of Reiki is a great resource.

Currently, I am offering in-person 45-minute evening sessions in Kingston, NY on Tuesdays at Blackbird Info Shop, and Wednesdays at Cornell Creative Studios. Other days are also possible. Scheduling for other days is also a possibility! To schedule, please email reikithroughkim (at)